Smart. Beyond city limits.

Thank you for joining us at the second annual Smart Regions Conference in Columbus!


About Smart Regions Initiatives

We believe that communities of all sizes deserve the tools to successfully navigate digital transformation and growth. SRI is dedicated to helping leaders build better places to live, work, and visit by leveraging smart technologies, policies, and strategies to optimize or altogether replace outdated systems and infrastructure, making government agencies more efficient and effective.

Smart Regions Initiatives educate and engage key stakeholders and community members to accelerate the development of smart cities and regions in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Our team and partners support standards development to promote interoperability, policy development to support smart planning, and project development to accelerate success timelines.


Partner Programs

  • Community Challenges

  • Smart Cities Caucus

  • IEEE Smart Cities

Free Resources

  • NIST GCTC Blueprints

  • Partner and Resource Matching

  • Digital Readiness Survey

Leadership Events

  • Roundtables and Webinars

  • Quarterly Summits

  • Annual Conference


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