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2017 Smart Regions Conference RECAP

October 25th, 2017 / BB&T Arena

Anil Menon at Smart Regions Conference

Anil Menon Tells Us W

hat Smart Cities Are All About!


Thousands tuned in to hear what Cisco's Global President of Smart+ Connected Communities has to say at the Smart Regions Conference.

Anil Menon, Global President of Cisco Smart+ Connected Communities was the Keynote Speaker last week at the Smart Regions Conference. He opened sharing his excitement for this particular event due to the unique approach and regional aspect.

People first.

With an expertise in technology, Anil made it a point to say, “Whatever we do” he said to hundreds of open ears, ”has to start from the citizens in back".

Technology second.

What the Deputey Mayor told me is “Tell me how do I explain that to my 82 year old mother?  “If you can’t explain that, you’re not doing anything smart.  You’re are doing technology, but it is not smart."

Using technology as a tool to improve outcomes for people, Venture Smarter is democratizing smart and connected planning by focusing on interoperability and best-practices collaborations.

If you start with the soul of the city, you have captured the culture. You have captured the history. You have captured the aspirations. You have captured the current conditions.
— Anil Menon, Global President Smart+ Connected Communities, Cisco

Interdisciplinary Collaborations

The 2017 Smart Regions Conference was the Midwest’s largest gathering of experts exploring smart city solutions. The event welcomed business, academic, and government leaders in local, county, state, and federal positions to explore smart city success stories, challenges, and opportunities - looking beyond municipal boundaries and ensuring our smaller communities have the tools they need to succeed.

Wendy Lea at the Smart Regions Conference


Wendy Lea, the CEO of Cintrifuse and Board Member of Techstars, was among Feat. Speakers welcoming Smart Cincy.

Pat Limbach at the Smart Regions Conference


Pat Limbach, VP for Research at the University of Cincinnati, shares his pride in the number of globally-recognized subject matter experts in participation.

Secretary Karen Jackson at the Smart Regions Conference


Among Feat. Speakers was Secretary of Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Karen R Jackson.


Interested in viewing the Regional Leadership Awards presented at the conference?

Zack Huhn at Smart Regions Conference

Zack Huhn talks 2021 "Smart City Development Goals"

100% Connected, 100% Mobile goals announced at the Smart Regions Conference.

100% connected citizens

There is between 16-22% of a digital divide in our region, depending on the neighborhood. By providing our most disadvantaged residents with access to a reliable network, they can connect to information, education, work, and more.  By 2021, we believe smart city solutions can defeat the digital divide, providing all citizens equitable access to connectivity.

100% accessible transit

74,000 jobs in Cincinnati are not accessible via public transportation.  By connecting people to equitable mobility solutions, we can connect them to jobs, education, healthcare, and opportunities. We believe smart city solutions can provide citizens, regardless of socioeconomic status, equitable access to transit before the end of 2021.

To accomplish our goals, we must always focus on resilience. 

Resilience means we are getting ahead of cyber-physical security conversations. Focusing on environmental and economic planning in our decisions, and ensuring our people are put at the forefront of planning. This means we can’t ignore our most pressing issues, but instead we must use technology as a tool to address them head on. Heroin and opioids, clean water and clean air, poverty and homelessness… The list goes on. We can be better - We have the talent to create the model for smart city, and smart region success stories across the nation.

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