Smart City Pillars

"Smart city solutions must go beyond municipal boundaries."



Overview - Venture Smarter is excited to launch Regional Smart Cities Initiatives

Smart Regions go beyond city limits. They enable smaller communities to implement Smart City solutions. They seamlessly connect our urban cores to our suburbs and rural areas, improving quality of life and economic opportunity for all people, regardless of socioeconomic or geographical barriers.

It’s about using big data to guide our planning practices. It’s about mobilizing technology to create cities that are more livable, workable, attractive to talent, and friendly to business. It’s about implementing best practices that are replicable, affordable, and sustainable. But there’s a problem: Scope. 

The purpose of the Smart Cincy Summit was to dive into that problem. We brought leaders from the public and private sectors together to educate, share ideas, hear concerns, and align goals. We officially introduced the world to the Regional Smart Cities Initiative, and we began working together to establish our country’s first Smart Region, and a model to scale.

Pillars of Smart City Planning

Regional Action Items

  • Revitalizing main street America starting with connectivity solutions in rural, suburban, and urban areas.
  • Encouraging sustainable practices in key sectors from Energy to agriculture.
  • Considering available solutions for smart land use and managed congestion.
  • Promoting economic development and emerging innovations.
  • Enabling healthy cities and sustainable food systems.
  • Initiating Regional collaborations among municipal, county, state, federal, and private interests.
  • Accessing available grants and leveraging available resources.
  • Supporting clean water and clean air initiatives.
  • Auditing and improving public safety and cyber-security.
  • Improving access to education and job training.
  • Replacing, improving, and creating government digital systems and policies.
  • Exploring next generation infrastructure and transportation solutions