About Smart Regions Initiatives

Launch or join a Smart Region Initiative in your area!

Smart Regions Initiatives are non-profit efforts designed to accelerate the development of smart cities and regions leveraging smart technologies, policies, and strategies. The not-for-profit efforts bring together interdisciplinary and inter-agency stakeholders to launch, manage, or grow project oriented public-private-partnerships that create better places to live, work, and visit.

SRI is proud to support leadership education, community engagement, and project incubation efforts to cut the chaos out of smart city planning across regions of all sizes. We invite you to launch or join a Smart Region Initiative in your area! Get in touch to learn more about that and our annual programs such as the Smart Infrastructure Challenge and the all new Smart Regions Incubator.



  • Smart Infrastructure Challenge

  • Smart Region Incubator

  • IEEE/NIST Smart City Standards Development


  • NIST GCTC Blueprints

  • Partner and Resource Matching

  • Local/Regional Readiness Assessment


  • Educational Webinars

  • Leadership Summits

  • Annual Smart Regions Conference