Smart Regions cannot be built in a silo. They require regional collaborations and interoperable solutions.


Our Resources Support Smart Growth



We help educate and align leaders around available resources and addressable opportunity areas looking through the lens of smart technologies and policies, and we provide those leaders with the technology standards and policy frameworks to effectively research, plan, fund, and deploy smart and connected solutions.


Ask us about IEEE-P2784: The Guide to the Technology + Planning Process to Build A Smart City!


We help leaders research, plan, fund, and deploy smart and connected technologies and strategies that create better places to live, work, and visit. Smart Regions are about people. They use technology as a tool to improve people's lives. In doing so, they optimize or replace outdated systems and infrastructure, helping governments cut costs, generate new revenue, and create value for residents and visitors alike.




Regional Smart Cities Initiatives use community roundtables, leadership summits, and planning conferences to bring together collaborators dedicated to smart growth. We also work with leaders across sectors to navigate the challenges and opportunities related to 'smart cities' and the Internet of Things.