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Rising infrastructure costs continue to strain government budgets while population growth strains the capacities of that very infrastructure.

As policies and trends continue to work against aging infrastructure, smart solutions must be implemented to help agencies optimize or altogether replace outdated systems, while also cutting costs, generating new revenue, or creating enhanced value for constituents.


The Smart Infrastructure Challenge requires regional teams to ideate a tech-enabled vision for integrating intelligent, interoperable systems into hard and soft infrastructure and government systems.  

Leaders from Councils of Government, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Rural Planning Organizations, government agencies, universities, and research institutions are encouraged to participate in the establishment and management of a Regional Team (interdisciplinary and interagency working group).  



To register for the challenge, team leaders must submit a signed Letter of Intent by April 25th, 2018 11:59 pm EST.  As a bonus, the first 25 regional applicants will be gifted Venture Smarter support services to kick-start collaborative efforts.  

Participating regions, grant funding, and project financing information will be announced on April 26th, 2018 during the Smart Cincy Summit in Cincinnati, OH.  Applicants are not required to attend; however, anyone participating in the challenge is encourage to tune in via live stream.

Each Regional Team will have 6 months to explore and define how the participating organizations can collaborate together to research, plan, fund, deploy and iterate their connected vision.  

During this period, Venture Smarter will support teams pursuing the challenge by hosting a series of Smart Mobility and Infrastructure Leadership Summits across the country.  Each summit in this series will provide a designated time for leadership to answer any questions about the challenge. Additional summits will take place in Denver, Louisville, New York City, and Washington DC, to name a few.  

Teams will showcase their innovative plans at the Smart Regions Conference in Columbus, OH on October 25th, 2018.  Following the presentations, at least three regions will be awarded funds, access to project financing, and integrated support to pursue their visions.




As 'teams' form for each region or megaregion, they will be tasked with creating a vision statement and framework for how they will pursue an integrated approach to implement intelligent technologies across agencies, systems, and infrastructure - including roads, bridges, and energy infrastructure as well as networks and connectivity infrastructure.

This effort is meant to streamline collaborations that reach beyond city limits around technology standards and planning frameworks while compressing the time to implementing and integrating intelligent technologies into our critical systems and infrastructure with a focus on [interoperable and secure] connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability.




At the Smart Regions Congress in Washington DC, Congressman Brendan Boyle (PA-13) discussed how we must expand our conversation around infrastructure, as it’s interconnectivity is a critical component of optimizing our systems in the 21st century.

Smart Infrastructure Challenge - RSCI - Venture Smarter

Important Dates:

April 25th 11:59pm EST - letter of intent due

April 26th - Challenge Kick-off at the Smart Cincy Summit

May 3rd - Q&A Webinar

October 25th - Smart Regions Conference and awards