Building smart facilities, neighborhoods, agencies, cities, and regions is hard.

What problems are we solving with smart and connected technologies? How will all of these technologies work together? How will we track and measure outcomes for people and agencies? How can we better collaborate to cost share, knowledge share, and resource share? How can we use technology as a tool to create better places to live, work, and visit?


Regional teams are challenged with creating an innovative smart infrastructure vision and planning framework to compete for grant funding, access to project financing, and support resources to pursue the plan.


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REGISTER -  To register for the challenge, team leaders must submit a Letter of Intent by May 31st, 2018 11:59 pm EST. LoI submissions do not have to be detailed, but should paint a picture of who the collaborators are, and what problems are to be solved using smart and connected technologies.

* PLAN -  Each Regional Team will have until October 25th, 2018 to explore and define how the participating organizations can collaborate together to research, plan, fund, and deploy their connected vision. During this period Venture Smarter will host monthly webinars open to all responding teams, and a series of in-person summits across the country to work with leaders one on one. *Presentation templates and scoring criteria will be made available.

PRESENT -  Each team will showcase their innovative plans at the Smart Regions Conference in Columbus, OH on October 25th, 2018. Presentations will be recorded and streamed for remote viewers. The review board will announce Challenge winners following the conference. Draft presentations are due on September 27th, 2018.

PURSUE -  Top teams in each of the four project tracks will have access to grant resources, project financing and integrated support to pursue their visions. Winning teams (all that qualify) will work with collaborators and financing partners to develop the plans and projects presented.



1.  Smart and Connected Development

Sponsored by Smart City Capital. This track is designed to help leaders create development plans that are tech-enabled (connected) and resilient. Projects can be focused on traditional infrastructure or developing smart and connected facilities, campuses, and innovation districts. Creativity is encouraged! Requirements will vary based on the type of project, and the financing partners will work with qualified teams to create a winning approach.  Smart City Capital will make detailed requirements available, and that information will be available on the Challenge website.

2.  Smarter, Safer Streets

Sponsored by Smart City Infrastructure. This track is designed to accelerate the implementation of connected, secured, and best-practices infrastructure related to smart street lighting. Requirements will be detailed and provided by Smart City Infrastructure, and made available for review on the Challenge website.

3.  Critical Infrastructure

Sponsored by National Infrastructure and Investment Alliance. This track is designed to identify ‘shovel ready’ infrastructure projects that are (a) tech-enabled and (b) repeatable. Top teams will work with NIIA to build awareness around the opportunity to help secure a direct federal investment to accelerate and complete respective projects. These projects may range from energy and water infrastructure to roads, bridges, and other transportation related infrastructure. Requirements will be detailed by NIIA and made available on the Challenge website.

4.  Next Generation Infrastructure

Sponsored by Venture Smarter. This track is designed to enable and accelerate the exploration of Tube Transportation (Hyperloop,) Personal Rapid Transit, and other future leaning transportation infrastructure systems. Top teams will work with leaders to navigate right of way and policy barriers, financing and funding options, and education and workforce development efforts that will all be required to see any of these systems developed at scale.



This effort is meant to streamline collaborations that reach beyond city limits around technology standards and planning frameworks while compressing the time to implementing and integrating intelligent technologies into our critical systems and infrastructure with a focus on [interoperable and secure] connectivity, mobility, security, and sustainability.


Available Project Financing:

$50 million in project financing has been revealed for Smart Infrastructure Challenge winners, and up to $3 billion is available 'for the right projects'.

  • In each project track, up to $10 million in project financing is available for teams that qualify for the grand prize.

  • Second and third tier prize winners will have access to project financing ranging from $500,000 to $2,500,000.

  • Each responding team will work with the financing partners at Smart City Capital, Smart City Infrastructure, and the National Infrastructure and Investment Alliance to ensure their projects meet, or will meet the requirements for funding and/or financing.

Available Grant Resources:

Venture Smarter and our ecosystem partners have put together a grant and resource pool to support teams through the challenge, and winners following.

  • Top teams will be granted up to $250,000 in resources to support project management.

  • The first 25 regional applicants will be granted Venture Smarter support services to kick-start collaborative efforts.

  • All teams will have access to ‘Matching’ to connect with new partners and resources as needed.


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