5 Things To Do at the Smart Regions Conference


Join us on Wednesday, October 25th at BB&T Arena on campus at Northern Kentucky University for the Smart Regions Conference and IoT Showcase. 

Can't make it? No worries! The live stream will begin at 9am (links posted on the conference website.)

Smart Regions Conference Phase 3 Announcements

Get interactive at the IoT Playground


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Collaborate in Smart City Workshops

Afternoon leadership workshops will focus on sparking local, regional, and national collaborations among industry, government, academic, and community leaders.

Experience first-hand Professional Drone Racing

Dayton Drones will host 35 professional pilots competing for cash prizes and bragging rights. Watch inside the arena or on the live feed in the IoT playground. Viewers at home will get to check in via live streams.

Attend Keynote Speakers and Featured Presentations

More than 100 speakers, panelists, and presenters will highlight smart city success stories, challenges, and opportunities to collaborate.

Participate in Roundtable Discussions

Our region's most urgent issues will be addressed looking through the lens of smart and connected solutions and collaborations.

Questions? Email hello@smartregions.org.