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Success in the Midwest

Recently, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus have all been ramping up efforts around smart technology and policy planning and development. At the state level, leaders have recently formed Drive Ohio, and have been actively investing in growing tech-based and tech-enabled economies.

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How Smart Transportation and Infrastructure Work Together

During the Leadership Forum, Intelligent Transportation, Systems, and Infrastructure in Smart Regions, at the Smart Regions Congress in Washington DC, leaders from across the nation convened to explore challenges, opportunities and success stories around intelligent transportation systems and smart infrastructure planning. 

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Learn What Uber is Doing for Smart Transportation

On the leadership forum at the Smart Regions Congress, Dave Barmore talks about 'expanding public transit' and 'shared mobility'.

Uber’s leader for federal affairs Dave Barmore helped lead a dynamic panel at last month’s Smart Regions Congress in Washington, DC. The panel, Intelligent Transportation, Systems, and Infrastructure in Smart Regions, focused on solutions to a long list of problems believed to be tied to two main areas: infrastructure and transportation.

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