Smart Regions: Five Years Out


What are we doing today to prepare for tomorrow?

The Smart Regions Initiative is thrilled to announce that Matthew Bailey, Arrow Electronics’ Smart Cities Global Practice Leader, will deliver a keynote address at the second annual Smart Regions Conference this week. Matthew will also participate on panels and program sessions sharing insights into how Arrow Electronics and their ecosystem of partners are thinking five years out to build smart cities and regions.


Matthew leads Arrow Electronics’ smart city practice, co-founded the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, is on the board of CompTIA’s North American Smart Cities Council and is an international public speaker. Matthew has received wide public recognition as a leading authority in Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities. He has been a catalyst for the IoT revolution in many international territories and was a 2015 Worldwide Technology Network award nominee.

“If cities, regions or even nations are to remain competitive, then they must act quickly and embrace digital transformation in order to meet head on the increasing pressures from urbanization, a changing environment and economics. The opportunity for a resilient Smart Region is to develop a thriving, collaborative and inclusive innovation eco-system that creates multi-jurisdictional solutions that resolve the challenges of today, combined with an agility, to meet challenges of the future. How can this be done? Is this possible? What best practices are working? What Smart Region technologies and solutions are working? Arrow will share how it is guiding innovation forward with cities and regions across the world in partnership with its vast eco-system of suppliers, technologies and solutions that equip communities to take the right action today and fast track enabling their world of tomorrow.”

- Matthew Bailey, Arrow Electronics, Smart Cities Global Practice Leader

Connect with Matthew, Arrow, and their ecosystem of trusted partners at the second annual Smart Regions Conference landing at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Columbus, OH on October 25th and 26th. The conference is designed for communities and organizations of all sizes to discover, collaborate, and co-create solutions to improve our cities and regions.