Resilient NYC: Impact and Infrastructure (Attend on June 26th, 2018, New York City)

Resilient NYC - Impact and Infrastructure Summit - Venture Smarter

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On Tuesday, June 26th 'Resilient NYC' will bring together leaders from across the city, state, and region to deep dive prioritizing resilience into planning government systems and infrastructure. The focus area: Infrastructure and Impact.

*This will be the first 'micro summit' of the Resilient NYC Series. Each event will focus on a different sub-topic related to resilience, such as 'Infrastructure and Impact.' During the event, Phase One details about the 2018 Smart Regions Conference will be revealed, and the project response teams for the 2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge from NYC will be highlighted.

Background: In December the theme of resilience was highlighted during the Venture Smarter NYC Summit, where leaders came together to share their success stories, challenges, and opportunities to collaborate looking through the lens of smart and connected development. Speaker and guests from New York City, Jersey City, Venture Smarter, Mastercard, NYEDC, AT&T, and others contributed to a productive discussion that lead to action in a number of neighborhoods across the city. Moreover, The City of New York and New York State have been taking large strides to prioritize smart city planning that puts people first, and focuses on important topics such as privacy, cybersecurity, sustainability, and community development - all crucial elements of resilience planning. 


Event Basics:

  • Featured Speaker(s), Panel, and Forum: 3-4:30 PM
  • Networking and Reception: 4:30-6 PM


Why Resilience?

As the digital transformation sweeps across sectors and agencies, and as government budgets continue to be strained by failing and outdated infrastructure, the topic of resilience has never been more important. How are our systems protecting people? Privacy? How are we using IoT to track and monitor our systems and assets? How are we mitigating risk and reducing costs? How are we prioritizing public safety? What role do public-private-partnerships play? What policies need to be updated or created? How do we make sure improvements benefit all people, regardless of socioeconomic or physical barriers? These questions and more discussed and explored on June 26th.


Who will be there?

Expected participants from all levels of government, the business community, nonprofits, neighborhood groups, and academic and research institutions. Register to view the full list ahead of the event.


How can I get involved or attend?

You can RSVP below, or learn more about event sponsorship and partnership opportunities here