IoT Innovation Village @ Midwest IoT Showcase to feature Smart City Technologies

The Midwest IoT Showcase (October 25th, 2017 at BB&T Arena in Greater Cincinnati) will be the first event of its kind, featuring team drone races, technology showcases, and smart city workshops. NO PANELS! One of the highlights of the day will be the IoT Innovation Village Sponsored by [Your Company Here.]

What is the IoT Innovation Village at the Midwest IoT Showcase?

The showcase area will be sectioned off to feature different stakeholder groups in smart cities. Government, Enterprise, Academic, and Innovation communities will all be represented. The IoT Innovation Village will be an interactive area highlighting the people behind the scenes, and products that are being developed and deployed leveraging advances in IoT capabilities to create smart cities, connected communities, and advanced facilities. 

Who will be at the IoT Innovation Village? 

  • Funded and emerging startups,
  • innovation hubs and accelerators,
  • venture capitalists and private equity groups,
  • enterprise innovation groups,
  • institutional accelerator and commercialization programs, and
  • public and private sector stakeholders looking for new solutions

How can companies or organizations apply to participate in the IoT Innovation Village?

  1. Request an Invitation
  2. Sponsorship/Partnership(s)
  3. Get nominated

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