Chicago, Columbus, Pittsburgh connection named as finalist for Hyperloop transportation challenge
Columbus Ohio Hyperloop

This spring Venture Smarter leaders brought Tube Transportation experts to Ohio at the Smart Cincy Summit to talk about Hyperloop and Evacuated Tube Transportation. This summer, Hyperloop leaders and transportation experts in Ohio collaborated to propose a Columbus connection for the Hyperloop corridor. This is in addition to a separate, but complimentary statewide effort in Ohio to connect Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland regions with smart mobility solutions and corridors inclusive of autonomous and advanced transportation and next generation transportation infrastructure that was sparked by Smart Columbus and the USDOT Smart Cities Challenge Grant. Here is what the Columbus Dispatch reported about the "win" for Columbus and Ohio:

"The Columbus connection of a high-speed transportation network is one of 10 international finalists. "That means basically we are amongst an elite group worldwide ... that now are going to explore" possibly implementing the project, Terri Flora, spokeswoman for the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, said Thursday."


Hyperloop technologies will be on display and experts in full force at the Smart Regions Conference at BB&T Arena on October 25th. 

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