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Explore active blue tech projects and opportunities at SRC18

Over the last century, the global per capita rate of water use has doubled, leading the United Nations to project that the demand for water will exceed supply as early as 2025. Thankfully, there’s an abundance of opportunity to combat this problem by leveraging smart technologies, policies and strategies.

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Building Community Resilience during Hurricane Season (Capitol Hill Event, 9/25/18)

Join the Congressional Smart Cities Caucus, partners from DHS Science and Technology, state and local emergency responders and smart cities leaders for an interactive conversation on how DHS is accelerating technology development to improve hurricane preparedness, response, and recovery operations for communities nationwide.

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Regional Smart Cities Initiatives: Executive Summary

The Regional Smart Cities Initiative has identified and defined four pillars of successful, livable, workable cities and regions. Smart Regions connect municipalities (and groups of smart cities) that are using the Internet of Things, data aggregation, and other innovations that aid in the improvement of a city’s planning and services from these standpoints, ultimately making positive contributions to economic development and quality of life:

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