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Success in the Midwest

Recently, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus have all been ramping up efforts around smart technology and policy planning and development. At the state level, leaders have recently formed Drive Ohio, and have been actively investing in growing tech-based and tech-enabled economies.

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Solving Traffic Deaths with Smart Mobility

The future of transportation is with autonomous fleet vehicles, autonomous shuttles, and solving safety problems with current traffic injuries and fatalities.  Intelligent Transportation Society of America's Jason Goldman shares these smart mobility efforts on the Leadership Forum at Venture Smarter's Smart Regions Congress in Washington DC.

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How Smart Transportation and Infrastructure Work Together

During the Leadership Forum, Intelligent Transportation, Systems, and Infrastructure in Smart Regions, at the Smart Regions Congress in Washington DC, leaders from across the nation convened to explore challenges, opportunities and success stories around intelligent transportation systems and smart infrastructure planning. 

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Learn What Uber is Doing for Smart Transportation

On the leadership forum at the Smart Regions Congress, Dave Barmore talks about 'expanding public transit' and 'shared mobility'.

Uber’s leader for federal affairs Dave Barmore helped lead a dynamic panel at last month’s Smart Regions Congress in Washington, DC. The panel, Intelligent Transportation, Systems, and Infrastructure in Smart Regions, focused on solutions to a long list of problems believed to be tied to two main areas: infrastructure and transportation.

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Smart Cities Are Mobile Cities: 3 Takeaways From the Smart Regions Conference

Among various Smart City Workshops, Toby Asbury, Mark Samaan, Jiaqui Ma, Wade Johnston, Mike Doenges and Busayo Odunlami discuss Smart Cities are Mobile Cities at the Smart Regions Conference hosted by Venture Smarter.

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Chicago, Columbus, Pittsburgh connection named as finalist for Hyperloop transportation challenge

The Columbus connection of a high-speed transportation network is one of 10 international finalists. "That means basically we are amongst an elite group worldwide ... that now are going to explore" possibly implementing the project, Terri Flora, spokeswoman for the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, said Thursday.

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Walkable, bikeable, and regional

Northern Kentucky leaders including the Mayor of Newport KY Jerry Peluso, County Commissioner Tom Lampe, and Executive Director of the Regional Smart Cities Initiative Zack Huhn meet with USDOT, state DOT, and regional leaders from OKI about integrating bikeable solutions into smart city transportation planning as they pass through Newport KY. Yay Bikes! hosted the smart city bike tour.

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Regional Smart Cities Initiatives: Executive Summary

The Regional Smart Cities Initiative has identified and defined four pillars of successful, livable, workable cities and regions. Smart Regions connect municipalities (and groups of smart cities) that are using the Internet of Things, data aggregation, and other innovations that aid in the improvement of a city’s planning and services from these standpoints, ultimately making positive contributions to economic development and quality of life:

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