Announcing the 2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge

Venture Smarter Smart Infrastructure Challenge

Venture Smarter is excited to host the Smart Regions Congress as a part of the Regional Smart Cities Initiative on Thursday, February 15th at The National Press Club. **Special announcements about the 2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge will be announced following the featured speakers. (See agenda below.)

Event Overview:

At the Smart Regions Congress leaders will convene from around the country and from all levels of government to highlight successful and active efforts, challenges, and opportunities to collaborate to build smart regions. The event is presented by Venture Smarter as a part of the Regional Smart Cities Initiative in collaboration with our partners and friends in government.

Special guests from The White House, FCC, Department of Commerce, Department of Homeland Security, The Senate, Congress, and from local and state governments will all be attending and participating. Topics covered will include broadband and connectivity, transportation and mobility, infrastructure, cybersecurity, public safety, and policy planning to streamline and enable advanced and emerging technologies. 

Thursday, February 15th, 2018:

  • 3:00pm Event Start

  • 7:00pm Event Close

Detailed Agenda:

  • 3:00pm: Welcome, Introductions and Speakers (Rhonda Binda, Venture Smarter)

    • 3:00: Introduction (Zack Huhn, Venture Smarter)

    • 3:05: TJ Costello (Cisco North America)

    • 3:10: Chief of Police Tom Synan (Newtown, OH)

    • 3:15: Jake Rishavy (Colorado Smart Cities Alliance)

    • 3:20: Congressman Brendan Boyle (PA 13)

    • 3:30: Bob Bennett (CIO, Kansas City, MO)

    • 3:35: Commerce Secretary Esther Lee (The Commonwealth of Virginia)

    • 3:45: Under Secretary Andre Hentz (Dept of Homeland Security Science & Tech)

    • 3:55: Commissioner Mignon Clyburn (Federal Communication Commission)

  • 4:05pm: Smart Regions Announcements (Venture Smarter and Friends)

  • 4:15: BREAK (10 Minutes, Complimentary Refreshments Available)

  • 4:25pm Panel: Connectivity and Security in Smart Regions

    • Moderator: Mitchell Kominsky

    • Panelists: TJ Costello, Andre Hentz, Bob Bennett, Chris Rezendes

  • 5:10: BREAK (5 Minutes, Change Panels, Refreshments Available)

  • 5:15pm Panel: Intelligent Transportation and Infrastructure Planning

    • Moderator: Zack Huhn

    • Panelists: Thea Walsh, Robyn Bancroft, Jason Goldman, Gabe Klein

  • 6:00pm: Media Reception Hosted By Rhonda Binda

  • 7:00pm: Event Close


General Event Details:

  • At The National Press Club (13th floor of the National Press Building)

  • In the Holeman Lounge (moved to accommodate event and reception)

  • The event will be recorded and redistributed online

  • Contact: or