Smart Regions Challenge: What is your future vision?


Council member Amy Murray at the Smart Cincy Summit, April 2017

In April we hosted the Smart Cincy Summit to launch collaborative Regional Smart Cities Initiatives throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana (view the recap video here.) At the summit, Cincinnati City Councilmember Amy Murray asked the audience, "What does a Smart Cincinnati mean to you!?"

We collected survey forms, direct responses, and combed through twitter data to aggregate the answers. From making the city child-friendly to providing more equitable access via public transit to all people, the excitement for a Smart Cincinnati shined a bright light on the diversity and creativity embedded into our collective future vision. (Explore the results in the Smart Cincy Annual Report that will be released at the end of October.)

Ahead of the Smart Regions Conference, we want to hear from you, again! The challenge is to ideate and share an in-depth view of your future vision for your city and region. What components does it include? What is the experience for residents and visitors? What makes your vision possible? What will it take to create?

Your submissions can be a drawing or rendering, description or outline, and even a 3D model of what a Smart Regions means, and looks like to you - be creative! Submissions are due on or before October 20th, 2017. Finalists will be invited to the Media Dinner and Smart Regions Conference on October 24th and 25th. Winners will be announced and showcased at the Smart Regions Awards luncheon on Wednesday, October 25th at BB&T Arena.

To request a submission portal or to ask questions: (e) 



  • Smart Regions Leadership Awards: Nominate A Leader (Ends 10/13)
  • Attend the Midwest IoT Showcase and Smart Regions Conference (10/25)