Autonomous vehicles, advanced robotics, and more at BB&T Arena on October 25th

Autonomous Vehicle experts, industry leaders, and research institutions will highlight and showcase their work on the Internet of Transportation showcase area just outside of the arena. Inside the venue, Automation Alley will feature the latest in commercialized automated technologies ranging from delivery drones and factory robots to transit vehicles and AI software.


Inside the smart city workshops, industry, government, and academic leaders will discuss challenges, opportunities, success stories, and failures in their efforts at building connected infrastructure and automated everything.

Interested in smart cities, the internet of things, or automated everything? Join us at the Midwest's first IoT Showcase during the Smart Regions Conference on October 25th. Industry leaders, research institutions, governments, and even professional drone racers will enjoy and participate in the festivities that focus on highlighting smart city success stories, challenges, and opportunity areas. Venture Smarter and IEEE will release their agile smart city standards and framework, keynote and featured speakers will explore emerging innovations, and guests will dive into the IoT playground at the first Smart Regions Conference on October 25th. Media, participants, and sponsors will participate in the Media Day on October 24th, as well.

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