6 High Tech Experiences at the Smart Regions Conference IoT Showcase (Oct 25 at BB&T Arena)

6 High Tech Experiences at the Smart Regions Conference

The Smart Regions Conference will include the Midwest's first IoT Showcase at BB&T Arena. The event will welcome leaders in government, technology, and academia as the technologies that will build our cities of the future will be on display throughout the day. The IoT Showcase will highlight smart city innovations and will include the "IoT Playground" to enhance the interactive experience.

Explore 6 of the featured experiences below:

Smart Regions Conference Phase 3 Sponsors

Hyperloop experience presented by Hyperloop uc's Spacex Team

UAV and Drone Experience - racing and exhibition presented by Dayton Drones

Virtual Reality experience presented by Microsoft

MyLo "Smart Sidewalk" experience presented smartLINK

Autonomous Vehicle Joyrides presented by Tesla

3D printing and showcase presented by Gorilla Maker


  • Smart Intersection Experience presented by Pathmaster
  • Urban Rapid Mobility Experience presented by TransitX