Smart City Strategies to Win the American Cities Initiative

Michael Bloomberg believes that our country’s cities will be the drivers of progress and policy in the United States. That’s why he has committed has committed $200 million to the American Cities Initiative, which aims to develop programs that achieve three goals:

The Pillars of Smart Cities

The four pillars of smart planning are vital to the success of Smart Cities and the Regional Smart City Initiative. While each is important in its own way, the four are interdependent.  

Smart city technologies and team drone races at the Midwest Regional IoT Showcase

Normal conferences are boring.We don't do boring. We do interactive. We do exciting! That's why our IoT Conference at Northern Kentucky University's BB&T Arena will be different from anything you've ever seen before. Sure, we'll have the major players in the IoT space there, and you can learn about all of the amazing things happening in the Internet of Things. But we're not going to stop with education. We're going to immerse you in a world of possibility. You'll see it firsthand when you strap on a virtual reality headset and take control of a Quadcopter or drone.

Midwest IoT ShowcaseHQ
Recap: Smart Cincy Summit (Video)

On April 25th leaders from around the country convened at Union Hall in Cincinnati, OH to officially launch Regional Smart Cities Initiatives, including efforts throughout Greater Cincinnati where RSCI pilot efforts were first catalyzed. The Smart Cincy Summit was a thought leadership event that will be replicated across the country, and across the world using the IEEE smart city planning framework and technology standards authored by Venture Smarter and collaborative supporters. 

Regional Smart Cities Initiatives: Executive Summary

The Regional Smart Cities Initiative has identified and defined four pillars of successful, livable, workable cities and regions. Smart Regions connect municipalities (and groups of smart cities) that are using the Internet of Things, data aggregation, and other innovations that aid in the improvement of a city’s planning and services from these standpoints, ultimately making positive contributions to economic development and quality of life: