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The Smart Regions Initiative aims to catalyze smart city collaboration and growth looking beyond municipal boundaries leveraging best-practices planning standards and resources. 

Individuals and organizations can create or join collaboration communities around interests, regions, projects, and events.

This past year, the Smart Regions Initiative hosted more than two dozen events in seven states gaining more than 3,000 letters of support, engaging hundreds of municipalities and government agencies, and launching dozens of pilot projects rooted in connectivity, mobility, and resilience. Our events had more than 6 million digital impressions and successfully brought together local and regional leaders catalyzing dozens of active projects and initiatives.

Regional Initiatives: Jamie Sordo
State Initiatives: Zack Huhn
Federal Initiatives: Mitchell Kominsky
International Initiatives: Rhonda Binda



Anil Menon (Cisco Global President, Smart+ Connected Communities) Keynote Speaker at the Smart Regions Conference

Monthly roundtables, quarterly thought leadership summits, and annual conferences and showcases bring together thousands of industry leaders and decision makers across sectors to explore smart and connected solutions and strategies that reach beyond municipal limits. More information →



Regional Initiatives are collaborations among local, county, state, regional, and federal stakeholders looking to develop collaborative projects and public-private partnerships with industry and academic partners.  More information →




Sponsor or create thought leadership and research communities, local and regional working groups, and philanthropic efforts leveraging smart and connected technologies and the growing Smart Regions network and community. More information →


Creating Hyperloop Standards in Cincinnati and Columbus

Research and pilot projects with university, innovation, corporate, and government partners are using technology as a tool to solve our most pressing regional problems. More information →