Andrew Heckert, 3D Printed Awards for the Smart Regions Conference

Awards were all 3D Printed!

Andrew, the 3D printing prodigy, made awards for nominees in real-time during the event.

Regional Leadership Awards

Presented at the Smart Regions Conference, Fall 2017


Smart Regions leadership recognizes government, industry, and community members that have dedicated their time and resources to using technology as a tool to improve outcomes for people.  As we work together to build smart cities, connected communities, and equitable, thriving regions, we believe it's important to shine a light on those who are helping to move the conversation forward.

The awards were presented by Venture Smarter CEO Zack Huhn and smartLINK CEO Jon Salisbury. The two serve together on the IEEE Smart Cities Standards Committee where they are co-authors for "The Guide to the Technology and Process to Build A Smart City." They collaborated to launch Regional Smart Cities Initaitives in the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Region in 2016.


(Left to Right) Zack Huhn, Jon Salisbury, Thea Walsh

Leader in Transportation Innovation

Thea Walsh is the Director of Transportation Systems and Funding for the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC.) She is a National Development Council certified Economic Development Finance Professional, Certified Member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and a member of the Association of Ohio Commodores.

Thea Walsh is recognized for her continued leadership and efforts revolving around advanced transportation including connected and autonomous vehicles and Hyperloop. Just this year her efforts helped build a winning proposal that propelled the Columbus Hyperloop Route to being recognized as a top finalist for the Virgin Hyperloop One Competition. The proposed route would take riders from Chicago to Columbus to Pittsburgh, and eventually Hyperloop networks would connect across Ohio, as well. 

Leader in Research Innovation

Jennifer Krivickas is the Assistant VP of Integrated Research at the Office of Research and a tenured member of the faculty at the University of Cincinnati.

Jennifer Krivickas is recognized for her efforts in supporting University of Cincinnati students, faculty, and staff in interfacing with industry and government partners to enhance research capabilities and impacts at University of Cincinnati and throughout the region.

(Left to Right) Zack Huhn, Jennifer Krivickas, Jon Salisbury

(Left to Right) Zack Huhn, Jennifer Krivickas, Jon Salisbury


(Left to Right) Jon Salisbury, Zack Huhn, Dr Shaaban Abdallah

(Left to Right) Jon Salisbury, Zack Huhn, Dr Shaaban Abdallah

Leader in Transportation innovation

Dr. Shaaban Abdallah is a Professor of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics at the University of Cincinnati.  

Dr Abdallah was recognied for his leadership in facilitating Hyperloop Research and Development Projects at the University of Cincinnati, in addition to his efforts in helping to launch an interdisciplinary research cluster focusing on transportation innovations.

Leader in Sustainability innovation

Sue Magness is the Recycling Coordinator for the City of Cincinnati's Office of Environment and Sustainability.

Sue Magness was recognized for her tenured leadership within Cincinnati City Hall where she has amassed the largest municipal database of neighborhood recycling data and insights. She is working to promote behavioral changes throughout Cincinnati that promote recycling and cleaner streets.

(Left to Right) Sue Magness, Zack Huhn, Jon Salisbury

(Left to Right) Sue Magness, Zack Huhn, Jon Salisbury