Our Story

The Regional Smart Cities Initiative was born out of a need to bring cohesiveness to the Smart Cities conversation taking place across the United States and around the world.  Venture Smarter launched Regional Smart Cities Initiatives to bring about collaboration communities and public-private partnerships among stakeholders beyond municipal boundaries, which will be the key to ensuring that implementation of smart cities solutions will be successful and sustainable.

Our leadership team works with leaders from all across the country to launch local and regional smart city working groups and actively supports regional collaborations driven by technology standards and an agile planning framework.

The Regional Smart Cities Initiative has identified and defined four pillars of successful, livable, workable cities and regions - connectivity, mobility, security and sustainability.  Smart Regions connect municipalities (and groups of smart cities) that are using the Internet of Things, data aggregation, and other innovations that aid in the improvement of a city’s planning and services from these standpoints, ultimately making positive contributions to economic development and quality of life. 

The Regional Smart Cities Initiative officially launched at the Smart Cincy Summit, on April 25, 2017 at Union Hall.  The Smart Cincy Summit brought together stakeholders from around the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana region for panel discussions concerning the four pillars of smart growth, breakout sessions, networking, and speeches given by thought leaders in the Smart Cities space.  The Summit culminated with the establishment of the first Smart Region working group in the United States.