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Our Mission:

Building smart and resilient communities and regions

We empower communities of all sizes to become smart and resilient. Contact us to learn more about our programs and partnership opportunities!


Our Mission

Building resilience in cities and regions across the United States and North America by empowering interagency and multi-jurisdictional coordination that accelerates innovation, impact, and investment in communities of all sizes.


Our Impact

SRI powers and supports smart planning and growth in 69 regions across the United States and North America. SRI efforts have helped drive innovation, impact, and investment through coordinated programming such as the Smart Infrastructure Challenge and local or regional programming tailored to fit community goals and needs.



Agencies and organizations

Local and regional governments, agencies, and organizations are working together to build a smart region brain trust.



Active Smart Regions

SRI is active in urban, suburban, and rural communities of all sizes in more than 69 regions across the United States.



Active project partnerships

SRI solution and funding partners are actively supporting at least 18 projects and public-private partnerships.


Our Programs

Our programs bring together planning agencies, solution providers, funding and financing partners, and thought leaders to drive innovation, impact, and investment that builds community resilience.


Stakeholder Events

We host regular roundtables and webinars, quarterly summits, and an annual conference bringing together thought leaders, industry insiders, and practitioners to navigate available resources and addressable opportunity areas.

Innovation Challenges

Our programs such as the 2018 Smart Infrastructure Challenge encourage project teams to solve tough challenges facing their communities with support from trusted solutions partners and an array of funding and financing partners.

Strategic Initiatives

We are active in driving and supporting initiatives nationwide that promote smart action rooted in interoperability and resilience such as with NIST GCTC and IEEE Smart Cities where we are helping to develop industry standards and best practices.

Public-private Partnerships

SRI provides a framework for public-public and public-private partnerships that can reduce project timelines, mitigate risks, and maximize returns by streamlining the discovery and collaboration process for all parties involved.


In addition to hosting annual events and innovation challenges, SRI also creates an annual index tracking smart regions programs, projects, and working groups across the United States. A request for information will be released in the Spring for the 2019 Smart Regions Index.*


February 2019

SRI represents the largest working group of interagency and interdisciplinary leaders in the United States dedicated to building smart and resilient regions.

Rhonda Binda, Executive Director



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